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Invitation to submit abstract for poster presentation [maximum 250 words, template (A) as attached] in line with the theme and strands of CoSMEd

2017 is open from now till 1st June. Authors of the abstracts will be notified of the acceptance of poster abstract by 15th June 2017.

All the proposals for poster presentation will be reviewed by the Scientific Review committee comprising of international reviewers with science/mathematics/technology education background. Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to present their posters at the conference. ALL are invited but please register if you wish to participate in the conference to present following conferencing schedule.

(I) Specification for Poster Paper proposal submission (for the presenters who wish to be considered for the ‘Champion School’ award)

Authors who have sent abstracts and got accepted for poster presentation will be requested to submit a proposal [either for any one of the categories ‘Digital or Non-digital’]. The writing should strictly adhere to the format and guidelines included in Section (II) ‘Opportunity for Champion School Award’. The writing of proposal for either ‘digital/non-digital’ poster should be between 5 to 8 pages including appendices, template (P) as attached] latest by 31th July 2017 with the following specification:

Guidelines for the Submission of Poster [including Criteria for ‘Champion School’ Award]

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