According to a recent research study on Interactive Learning Online at Public Universities (2012) students who took online classes performed better on average than those taking the same courses in a traditional classroom environment.

Since 1980, STOU has long been a leader in online learning in Southeast Asia. In 1995 the University was recognized for its achievements in distance education management and has received the Award of Excellence from the International Council for Distance Education and the Commonwealth of Learning.


The best part of online education is its accessibility. Anywhere that you have access to the Internet, you will also have access to your classroom and your professors. STOU online learning system is designed to deliver convenient lectures to your computer, tablet or mobile devices. This is one of the great advantages of distance learning; you can read and work through specially designed study materials at your own pace, and at a time and place that suits you best. Just download your interactive study guides and assignments on your device and you are ready to learn! Online education helps you balance your professional and family life with your passion for studying. Learning is a never-ending process.


Classrooms at STOU are without walls. Students from Thailand and from countries in the world are enrolled in STOU graduate international program. During your courses, you will be interacting with people from different cultures and getting exposed to new ideas and points of view. In the Communication Arts for ASEAN Program, you will also gain the set of skills and abilities needed to become competent intercultural communicators and problem-solvers.


Log in whenever it is convenient for you.
All requirements are clearly stated in your study guides, which you will receive on the first day of class.
There are due dates you are expected to meet, but there are usually no requirements for what time of day-or even which day-you need to log in to read and download lectures, view assignments, reply to discussions and take self-assessment exercises.
Once the course begins, your lectures and assignments will be posted in our e-Class and will remain there for the entire semester.
The tools for submitting your work are built right into the e-Class, including an assignment tool, a testing tool, an academic drop box, a professional social network, and even a Blog where you can share your experiences and ideas not only with your Professors and your classmates, but also with anyone interested in Communication and Media in ASEAN.
Looking for sources or research material? Check out the STOU e-Library. Access our online database with thousands of international scholarly journals and eBooks.




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