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As we all are in the same home : ASEAN Community with our commitment in our three pillars of development : APSC (ASEAN Political-Security Community), AEC (ASEAN Economic Community), ASCC (ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community). Communication has been agreed among all sectors to be one among the main tools to weave all the success of our ASEAN Community. Effective Intercultural Communication among the region would strengthening more knowledge and information (cognitive domain), more positive attitude (affective domain), and more creative practices (behavioral domain) among the region which Communication can facilitate all kinds of collaborations from all sides for to the effective ASEAN Community.

For the above reasons, the STOU School of Communication Arts has developed the Online International Master Program of Communication Arts for ASEAN, which aims to produce leaders who creatively apply the principles of communication to build all kinds of mutual understanding, to communicate effectively, to strengthen competitiveness and also having roles in nurturing the ASEAN Community as a productive and peaceful member of the global community.

So, I would like to confirm our commitment that the Program of Communication Arts for ASEAN will do it best to pool all expertise from all stakeholders, partners and people to contribute all kinds of HRD for the region. With all kinds commitment among all ASEAN members countries, our ASEAN Community will be surely strong as of our regional commitment : “One Vision, One Identity, One Community” .


By Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamolrat Intaratat

Program Chair