Dr. Unaloam Chanrungmaneekul is currently a lecturer at STOU School of Communication Arts. Her research is grounded in critical approaches that relate to three main areas. Firstly, the relations between media, communications and communities examined on the ground of change, power, identities and globalization. Secondly, she has been exploring interdisciplinary approaches in Sociology, Humanities, Art, political economy, culture, Journalism, Film Studies, Film Industry, and visual research. Lastly, with a background in journalism and filmmaking, she is conducting research on critical thinking skills in journalism and visual media.  Unaloam is the founder of the Film and Television Section at Burapha University in Thailand; between 2009 and 2011 she was also appointed the Head of Research Projects ongoing at Burapha University Department of Communication Arts. Unaloam gained her Doctorate Degree of Communication and Media Studies from Loughborough University, UK, supported by the Thai government scholarship. She also obtained a Master Degree in Mass Communications from the University of Leicester, UK, supported by the Bursaries of the University of Leicester.

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