17701 Communication Arts and ASEAN

Structure, systems, and context of communication; policies and strategies of communication used in ASEAN member states; history, thinking, ways of life, ethnic diversity, and cultures in ASEAN; trends for change in the world society; development strategies for economic, social, political, energy, environmental, human resources, and human rights development employed by ASEAN member states; multi-dimensional analysis, compilation and building of knowledge of communication arts within the ASEAN context.




17702 Philosophy and Communication Theory

Philosophy, concepts, developments and types of communication arts theories; the communication process and its components; communication and the social context; influence and impact of communication; communications problems and issues; professional ethics and responsibility; application of communication theories for development work in ASEAN.




17703 Paradigm and Communication Arts Research

Paradigms of communication arts research for building the body of knowledge and solving communication problems in ASEAN; types of research; research problems; setting a conceptual framework; the research process; research design; undertaking research; data analysis; presenting and publishing research in ASEAN.




17704 Comparative Communication Studies for ASEAN

Comparative analysis of communication situations within the ASEAN way of life in the aspects of politics, security, economy, society, culture, energy, the environment, human resources development, human rights, grassroots movements, public participation, awareness raising, ethics, and legal issues concerned with development in ASEAN; creation of communications innovations to strengthen and unify the ASEAN community.